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Crail Parish Church was consecrated in 1243 to St Maelrubha, although it is thought to have been in existence by the 12th century. It consisted of a nave, with the aisles and tower added in the 13th century. It became a Collegiate Church in 1517, when it was known as St Mary's. It has undergone a number of modifications since then.Five masons' marks have been recorded within the church itself. Four of these are on the paving slabs within the entrance vestibule of the north entrance.These may belong to the 13th century phase. One other, on the interior of the tower at the west end of the church, is unusual in that it belongs to a mason of the 20th century, called John Inglis, who undertook some restoration work in 1963. The interior of the upper tower and stairs has still to be checked for marks by the Project.