Masons' Marks Project

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One of a group of contemporary castles (Craig, Gight &  Towie Barclay are others), which are almost certainly the work of the same mastermason, which probably date from 16thC. This is indicated by dates over a fireplace and on the east side of a wing. It is supposed that an earlier castle most likely existed here. It has been suggested that some walls of an earlier tower may have been incorporated into the later structure, while Capt. Hay, who lived in the castle for many years, believed that the castle was rebuilt in 1346 and also noted changes in mason's marks at upper levels. Capt Hay was a stonemason himself with his own distinctive mark (No57). Project recorded 145 marks with 62 different masons. Plans showing the locations of the marks are not available. Marks 32 & 60 may be the same mason although the central line extends further on the latter.